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Pridemark Construction is its own toughest critic.   We are not about to put our signature or mark on a project unless it meets our own high standards of quality first.  And we don’t consider a project complete unless both our clients and our company can be proud of it.

Ever since Mike Tschuor was a young teenager working for the Gale Tschuor Company, he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life working in the construction industry. The idea of building projects that his clients, his company, and his surrounding community could take great pride in was very fulfilling. Thirty-four years later, the desire to positively impact his clients and community only intensified. From that desire, he founded Pridemark Construction.

Pridemark’s leadership team has nearly 80 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. Whether you are interested in pursuing a small maintenance project or investing in a large-scale build, you can be confident that Pridemark Construction has the expertise and capability to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

ABC Supply New Building

The Guardian Brewery

Southern Wells Library

Pridemark Construction is its own toughest critic. Every project is a reflection of the company’s character and commitment to excellence – just as it is for the clients. Pridemark is not about to put a signature or mark on any project unless it meets the highest standards of quality first. No project is considered complete unless both the client and Pridemark can be proud of it. Hence the name, Pridemark Construction.

Though much has changed since Mike’s humble beginnings in the industry, sorting nails for his uncle’s construction company, the principles of integrity and hard work still remain the basic building blocks of Pridemark Construction.

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Pridemark Construction is a full-service construction company backed by decades of industry experience in large and small construction projects, design, and architecture. Our core values focus not only on excellence in our trade, but also in building the quality of life in our community. Pridemark is a contributing partner to the development of the construction industry through active involvement in its associations.